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The dividend policy envisages allocating the highest possible part of profit for the dividend, unless no investments appear that would provide a higher return rate to shareholders.

Dividend policy

The Management Board of the Company will recommend to the General Meeting allocation of the highest possible (for legal reasons) part of the profit for a given financial year in the form of a dividend unless there are investment opportunities that would provide the Company and shareholders with a higher rate of return than the payment of the dividend. The final decision on the distribution of the Company's net profit will be made annually by the Ordinary General Meeting.

Pursuant to art. 15 sec. 5 of the Issuer's Articles of Association, the Management Board of the Company is authorized to pay the shareholders an advance on the expected dividend, and the payment of the advance requires the consent of the Supervisory Board.

Dividends paid in the period of the company listing on the Warsaw Stock Exchange

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