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The Annual General Meeting was convened for August 18, 2023. (3 PM CEST)

The Annual General Meeting was convened for August 18, 2023. (3 PM CEST)

Current report no. 18/2023 - Significant shareholders at the AGM

Current report no. 16/2023 - Resolutions of the Annual General Meeting on August 18, 2023

Current report no. 13/2023 - Notice of the Annual General Meeting of LiveChat Software S.A.

The opening speech of Mariusz Ciepły, LiveChat Software CEO

Good morning,

My name is Mariusz Ciepły. Once again, welcome to the General Meeting of LiveChat Software. For me and many of you, this is yet another Annual Shareholders' Meeting, but I guess there may also be shareholders with us for whom this is the first such meeting.

Ladies and gentlemen, we already have the information about the current attendance. We have shareholders representing 68% of the company's total shareholders; we have 17,588,877 shares being represented at the meeting, which means we can hold it.

Today is a special day for us because we are not only summarizing the past fiscal year 2022/23, which was highly successful for us, but we are also making a decision - we will be voting a resolution to change our name.

The change of the company’s name is a fundamental change for us. You know that we already have five products. We are satisfied with the development of these applications. Nevertheless, we have come to the point where we need to integrate these applications together under one brand. In our industry, we refer to it as an umbrella brand, allowing us for better integration of our products and the teams that work on them.

The name change is not just a cosmetic change. It is also a demonstration of a new development strategy for the Company. We published this strategy on text.com some time ago.

I wanted to remind you that the new name, Text Spółka Akcyjna, is a name that shows both to the team and externally - to investors - the area of our focus, which is the work within text communication. This text communication has been with us, in fact, since our flagship product, LiveChat, was released. We are experts in this area. Nevertheless, today, thanks to technologies such as artificial intelligence, we would like to be even more experts, especially in the area of text intelligence. Through our research and development, we want to create features for our products that help better analyze text, help enrich this form of communication, and ultimately lead to a situation where customer-company communication is fully automated. We face a big challenge, but we have a very ambitious team and are unafraid of such challenges.

So much for the introduction, and we can now proceed to the first point of the session.

Documents concerning the general meeting: