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LiveChat is developing a platform, grows at a fastest rate ever

In November the client base of the users of “LiveChat” solution grew by 576. As of December 1st, a total of 22 805 clients were using the product of the Wrocław-based LiveChat Software.

„For us, the rate at which we are acquiring new clients is a key business metric. In this respect, November was the best month in the entire history of LiveChat Software, said its CEO Mariusz Ciepły.

In recent months, LiveChat Software has introduced new solutions to the market. BotEngine is a platform which lets users who do not have specialized IT know-how, create their own chatbots. Chat.io is a live chat type solution whose structure makes it easy to integrate it with very different platforms.

Both of these products, as well as other projects under development by LiveChat Software, are designed to test the tools and infrastructure for a bigger communications platform. API documentation which is being developed, the marketplace and the community of customers and companies surrounding the product that has been built over time, will, in a longer timeframe, give LiveChat Software an opportunity to build a wider range of communications products and services for business use.

As part of the ecosystem being developed, LiveChat is offering new models of collaboration with third party companies. The partnership program, whose terms are available at https://partners.livechatinc.com, lets third parties make money on licenses being sold and on additional services. The developer program (https://developers.livechatinc.com) is a place that lets third parties develop communications tools based on LiveChat solution and infrastructure.

Clients from around 150 countries use the LiveChat solution. Users come from all industries, but the most numerous ones are from sectors such as IT, education, retailing, entertainment and marketing.