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LiveChat goes through the logotypes redesign to reflect its product suite

LiveChat Software, a company behind products for customer service and online sales used by 28k businesses worldwide, announced today a new logo set for its products: LiveChat, ChatBot, KnowledgeBase, and HelpDesk. The team has decided to create a common design language to emphasize compatibility between the products and to show that all are made by one team.

Our new branding is the result of our evolution as a company and the changing needs of our audience - businesses and their customers. We’re not a one-product business anymore. We boldly go beyond the live chat industry, occupying the growing market of online communication. We want this strategy to also be reflected in our visual identity, not only in the business goals,” - says Maciej Serafinowicz, Chief Creative Officer at LiveChat, Inc.

The current company product suite includes:

LiveChat – customer service software that allows companies to stay in touch with their customers anytime and anywhere.

ChatBot – an all-in-one platform to create, deploy, and track chatbots across channels.

HelpDesk – an easy-to-use ticketing system for managing email communication with customers.

KnowledgeBase – a platform that lets companies create their own knowledge bases, which can be accessed by both their employees and clients.

Each of the logotype designs is a combination of a speech bubble and an iconic sign of the particular tool. Speech bubbles have been used as a representation of online text communication for years. This shape was used for the first project of the LiveChat logo back in 2002 and, because all of the products relate to text communication, the team has decided to base each of the logo projects on it.

From the very beginning, the company has valued simplicity in design, communication, but most importantly, in the connections between products. All the products are a part of the company’s platform ecosystem. Customers are able to integrate them to enhance their teams’ productivity and effectiveness, fulfill their businesses’ needs and build even better customer experiences.

We’ve made decisions to launch the products based on the careful analysis of the LiveChat users' needs. Over the years, we’ve been observing that our customers’ businesses have also been evolving and growing. Their growth means that they have higher expectations towards solutions they’re using. What’s more, they are providing support via different channels. We feel that's our duty, as a communication service provider, to help our customers cover all aspects of their customer communication strategy,” says Szymon Klimczak, CMO at LiveChat, Inc.

The logo redesigns are a further step in the company’s branding strategy. The team is also the owner of domains corresponding to the products’ names, www.livechat.com, www.chatbot.com, www.helpdesk.com, www.knowledgebase.ai.

The company has been developing its products, seeing them as services that are used to solve the same problems but in a different way.

It's not enough just to offer a high-quality product, but rather something that is almost tailor-made for each customer. Responding to industry trends, we've decided to transform the business model into one which is built on partnership. Focusing on the three areas: open products, the platform with a marketplace, and the community, we're creating an ecosystem around our solutions. The aim is to make our products proactive, intelligently automated and 'talkative' with each other and other tools from the communication sphere, ” says Mariusz Ciepły, CEO at LiveChat, Inc.

The LiveChat Software company was founded 18 years ago at a time of rapid development of online communication in Europe. The company has started to rapidly build a customer base across industries, including e-commerce, healthcare, education, HR, hosting or automotive. Its current client portfolio starts with small, private companies and goes up to Fortune 500 enterprises, including PayPal, IKEA, Allstate, CapitalOne.

Additional materials:

Images of the new brand and product family are available here: https://livechat.design/, https://chatbot.design/, https://helpdesk.design/, https://www.knowledgebase.ai/design

The video of the rebranding process described by Maciej Serafinowicz, CCO, and Szymon Klimczak, CMO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kiHrBGbWDew


LiveChat is a customer service company offering software solutions for business communications, online sales and lead generation. They allow companies to stay in touch with their customers anytime and anywhere, just as they've become accustomed to. The product suite consists of LiveChat, ChatBot, HelpDesk, and KnowledgeBase.

LiveChat serves more than 28,000 businesses from 150 countries. The customer portfolio starts with small, private companies and goes up to Fortune 500 enterprises, including PayPal, IKEA, Allstate, CapitalOne.


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