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LiveChat Launches Incubator Program to Support Business Communication

LiveChat is open to accepting product creators into the program

BOSTON — May 12, 2022

** LiveChat, a provider of software solutions for managing business communication, today announced the launch of its Incubator program to support product creators in the business communication industry that are working to remove communication barriers that stand in the way of online customer-business interactions.**

The LiveChat Incubator program is designed to teach participants how to successfully use the technology and establish a data acquisition plan to achieve a product-market fit and a go-to-market strategy. Through the program, members will receive the support required to bring their ideas to life. Members will be granted access to LiveChat's industry connections as well as the knowledge and guidance from 250 industry experts at LiveChat in every field of product development.

Members will receive access to the company’s developer platform, including messaging APIs, website widgets, and other building blocks for modern communication tools available for web and mobile. LiveChat will also offer creators access to comprehensive technological facilities, IT tools, and infrastructure, including platforms such as IBM, Amazon and Cloudflare. Additionally, the LiveChat Incubator will secure the distribution channels for new projects which include the ecosystem of the company’s products (used by more than 35,000 customers, generating over 700 million chats and 900 million interactions in 2021), the app Marketplace and a network of over 20,000 developers and 10,000 partners and affiliates.

“The LiveChat team is constantly thinking of new ways to improve the business communication industry,” said LiveChat CPO, Filip Jaskólski. “We look forward to supporting innovative teams with our experience and technology. With our help, these teams will be able to drive faster product development while focusing on the customer. We’re also eager to share our lessons learned, so they steer out of entrepreneurial pitfalls.”

As in-person and digital communication present obstacles to efficient communication, both also have benefits that make communication easier. LiveChat’s mission is to combine the advantages of both means of communication to make exchanging information easy, convenient, and natural. While the company continues to discover the full potential of online written communication, LiveChat seeks product creators also looking to deliver the technology and the know-how to make communication easy, convenient, and natural.

Applicants will be selected based on culture fit and business approach — focusing on online products, possibilities of automating the process of product development and distribution, organic growth, and high profitability of the project. If the Incubator member’s idea is successful and exhibits mutual alignment with LiveChat’s core values, the candidate will be considered for hire and will support the LiveChat team to bring their idea to fruition.

LiveChat has a proven record in successfully supporting project ideas. ChatBot, a product in the company's portfolio, was initially a research and development project built by the winners of the LiveChat Hackathon in 2016. ChatBot is now a fully equipped platform for creating AI-bots with more than 2,000 paying customers, including UEFA, Kayak, Danone, and Unilever. Other example is SnapCall, which successfully built and commercialized its video and voice solution around the company’s chat application.

To learn more and apply, visit: https://incubator.livechat.com/

About LiveChat

LiveChat is a complete customer service solution that offers several ways for businesses to communicate with buyers. Our industry-leading portfolio of products include LiveChat, ChatBot, HelpDesk, and KnowledgeBase– all designed to enable contact with companies at any time and through a variety of communication channels. A wide range of business customers use the platform because of its customization capabilities and limitless integrations. LiveChat encourages tech firms and developers to build their own solutions on the platform’s back-end, allowing organizations to configure the application to fit their specific needs. It also integrates with all popular messaging channels and hundreds of other tools such as Shopify, Hubspot, and Google Analytics. Founded in 2002 with offices in both Poland and the United States, LiveChat is actively used by more than 35,000 companies worldwide and supports over 75 million chats monthly. Learn more at www.livechat.com.