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LiveChat releases new integration that lets customers use chats as a new channel in their customer acquisition strategy

LiveChat, a provider of software solutions for managing business communication, now allows business owners to use chats as a new channel in their customers’ acquisition strategy. The integration, built by LiveChat, allows connecting the chat app with Mailchimp, the all-in-one marketing platform for growing businesses. Companies can strengthen their marketing strategy by adding new options to subscribe to various newsletters for their customers within support chats and conveniently manage the contacts within their audience in Mailchimp.

Combining LiveChat and Mailchimp helps connect data— such as subscriber name and email address, marketing engagement from clicks and opens, LiveChat activity from ending chats or when an agent tags a chat, and subscriber status— between both software solutions, making it easier for marketers and support agents to provide more customized service and marketing to their customers.

Integrating LiveChat and Mailchimp enriches the platforms with new functionalities:

  • Business owners can add an option to join the email newsletters in the pre-chat survey or the chat invitations on the website. The form can also be sent directly in the chat window by agents during conversations with customers.
  • Support agents can easily add customers to Mailchimp audiences from chat. Once they are added, the feature will create their Mailchimp contact profiles in the LiveChat Agent app, giving support agents the information they need to better serve their customers.
  • By integrating Mailchimp with LiveChat, marketers can use engagement and insights from chat interactions to create more targeted email campaigns. The contacts created in Mailchimp audience can be filtered by groups, making it easier to prepare any campaign.

"Businesses increasingly expect software solutions to integrate and deliver more convenient customer experiences. In this way, they can use gathered data better and streamline many marketing and support tasks. Working hand-in-hand with the Mailchimp platform, we give LiveChat's users access to meaningful information about customers that will for sure make email marketing processes more effective," says Szymon Klimczak, CMO at LiveChat. "Together with the Mailchimp team, we're planning to strengthen the partnership with even deeper integration giving marketers more options for managing customer experience in both chat and email channels. We believe that thanks to our strategic cooperation, LiveChat and Mailchimp will become the technology stack of choice for all growing businesses."

“There are so many important touchpoints in a customer’s experience with a brand, and support and marketing campaigns are two of the most crucial to get right,” said Jamie Boardman, Director of Partnerships at Mailchimp. “We’re thrilled to be able to offer mutual customers of Mailchimp and LiveChat more ways to create more personalized, customer-focused experiences in their support chats and in their marketing campaigns with our new integration.”

For more information, please visit LiveChat's website integration page and Mailchimp’s integration page.