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LiveChat sales are up by 20.3%, while the net profit is 18.6% higher in 1-3Q of the financial year

In the initial three quarters of the current financial year, which begun in April 2018, consolidated sales of LiveChat Software totaled PLN 79.9 million. Over the same period the group reported a net profit of PLN 42.1 million. These results represent an increase by 20.3% and 18.6% respectively on a year-on-year basis.

In the first quarter alone revenues were up by c. 22% to PLN 27.8 million, EBITDA by 12% to 17.9 million and net profit by 11% to 13.7 million.

“We are working and investing in order to continue dynamic growth. At the year-end, we had a team of approximately 140 people compared to almost 80 the year before. That strong group is working on a new LiveChat version and on new products. We are very happy with how ChatBot is developing and we will soon start the commercialization of HelpDesk,” said president Mariusz Ciepły.

Despite the investments and the increased headcount, LiveChat Software remains an effective organization, one that boasts very high operating margins. In 1-3Q gross sales margin reached 83.3%, operating margin 65.1% and net margin 52.7%.

Such high profit margins give the group the ability to effectively generate cash. In 9M of the financial year, the company reported operating cash flow of PLN 46.4 million and at the end of the period held cash totaling PLN 34.5 million.

“We are self-financing our growth and sharing the profits with the shareholders. We reiterate our intention to distribute the entire net profit as dividend and to make advance dividend payments,” Mariusz Ciepły said.

At the beginning of 2019 calendar year, on January 9, LiveChat Software made an advance payment towards the expected dividend for the current financial year. A total of PLN 13.905 million was allocated for dividend payment, representing a dividend per share of 0.54 zloty. LiveChat Software invariably remains one of the leaders of the global live chat solutions. According to the “Live Chat and Chatbot Market 2019” report, it has an 11% share in the segment of one million of the most popular online domains. This gives the company a spot as one of three most popular technology providers in that market segment.