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LiveChat Software and Infermedica Launch COVID-19 Risk Assessment ChatBot

LiveChat Software and Infermedica, two European tech companies, have joined forces to launch a solution that helps identify coronavirus symptoms and provide advice to people seeking medical assistance. The solution takes the form of a chatbot.

Authoritative, safe, and reliable, the logic behind COVID-19 Assessment Tool ChatBot is based on official WHO guidelines, meticulously coordinated and implemented by Infermedica's team of doctors. What's more, Infermedica's COVID-19 Assessment Tool was recognized on a functioning WHO list of solutions supporting the fight against the pandemic. Since the beginning, our goal has been to help as many people globally as possible. Thanks to ChatBot's market recognition, Infermedica can reach even more,” said Tomasz Domino, Chief Operating Officer at Infermedica.

LiveChat Software is a customer service company offering solutions for business communications. This includes ChatBot, an all-in-one platform to create, deploy, and track chatbots across channels. Infermedica is a digital health company that develops AI-powered solutions for preliminary diagnoses and triage. The teams have decided to cooperate to help share verified information about COVID-19 symptoms.

“Together with the Infermedica team, we believe that in the post-pandemic world, people’s awareness should be maintained as they may still become infected by the coronavirus. Now more than ever, it's everyone’s responsibility to react fast when the first symptoms occur in order to protect others from the spread of COVID-19. That’s increasingly important when many of us start socializing, working at offices, shopping physically, and traveling,” said Szymon Klimczak, Chief Marketing Officer at LiveChat.

Based on an article published recently by Nature, people's fears that sharing information about their symptoms can impact their daily lives are hindering the progress of getting accurate infection rates. What’s more, according to other research, people are more willing to provide sensitive personal symptom information to a chatbot than to a human. While the economy is slowly starting to revive, chatbots may be a good solution for symptom screening for people who are unsure of their health condition, yet avoid seeking health care or consulting about their concerns with others.

The chatbot is based on Infermedica’s COVID-19 Risk Assessment, a triage-oriented screening protocol. This technology and its logic were used in the preparation of the conversation scenario within the ChatBot platform. This combination helps to quickly identify coronavirus symptoms and get reliable information regarding basic COVID-19 concerns.

The COVID-19 Risk Assessment ChatBot is prepared as a ready-to-use template that can be implemented on any website as a chat widget. At the same time, it can be integrated with Messenger on any Facebook profile. The chatbot is equipped with a symptom checking feature which, by asking users a series of questions, quickly analyzes their symptoms and determines whether they are in the risk group.

Depending on the analysis of the user’s answers, the chatbot provides guidelines and advice already prepared by medical experts. Users are also given the phone numbers of local health institutions, and, in the case of a high risk of an infection, are expected to stick to the official rules on how they should behave and react.

The solution is aimed at public organizations and hospitals that are still on the frontline of the fight against coronavirus, but also businesses that are looking for a trustworthy tool that helps them provide their employees and audiences with the medically correct advice.

“We see the potential for our chatbot to be used on almost every website, since its business use cases are limitless. Reliable and verified information on the coronavirus symptoms, and easy access to it, is crucial to prevent the spread of the infection. However, considering the various functionalities of the tool, it can be also available on the websites of travel agencies, tourist resorts, and facilities to provide information on local medical points dealing with infections. What's more, it can serve as an additional, preventive check-in point for hotels getting ready for the return of their guests,” said Szymon Klimczak.

The chatbot solution is available for free. All needed information is available here: https://www.chatbot.com/covid19-chatbot/. The scenario is kept up to date with the latest WHO and CDC findings.

The COVID-19 Risk Assessment tool created by Infermedica has already handled 450,000 checkups. There are already more than 300 organizations from more than 15 countries that decided to implement the tool, including PZU Zdrowie, Global Excel, International Medical Center, Dovera, Dr. Sintomas, and GdziePoLek, among others.