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LiveChat Software begins dynamically the fiscal year: 84% EBITDA growth and 77% net profit growth

In the period April - June, LiveChat Software, one of the leaders of global market live chat solutions, recorded PLN 5.89 million of net profit, PLN 7.86 million of EBITDA and PLN 11.24 million of revenue. This represents an increase of respectively 77, 84 and 86 per cent. This strong performance is the result of the rapid pace of acquiring new customers and exploiting the opportunities offered by the services in a SaaS model (Software as a Service).

For LiveChat Software, the period April - June is the first quarter of 2015/16 fiscal year, which ends on March 31, 2016. The company from Wrocław closed the previous fiscal year (2014/15) with the result of net profit growth of 89% and the revenue increased by 81%.

“Our results show that we can sustain very rapid pace of development. We are working hard on making LiveChat the best solution on the market. As a result, we maintain our position as one of the global leaders. Our business model allows us to maintain very high margins, to finance our development independently and to generate cash which we share with our shareholders,” said the president Mariusz Ciepły.

In the first quarter, LiveChat Software made a return on sales before taxes of 85.5%, EBITDA margin of 69.9% and operating margin of 67.5%. Net margin was 52.4%.

It is crucial for the shareholders of LiveChat Software that the results translate into generated cash. In the first quarter, net cash flow from operating activities amounted to PLN 6.27 million against PLN 4.49 million the year before. At the end of June, the cash register of the Company amounted to PLN 20.71 million.

According to the official dividend policy, the Board recommended the allocation of practically the entire separate profit of LiveChat Software SA for the last year for payment of dividend. On 20 July, the General Meeting of Shareholders adopted the proposal and the dividend per share of the company amounted to PLN 0.71.

The Wroclaw company is one of the three world's largest “live chat for business” software vendors. Companies and institutions use the LiveChat solution for the direct contact with people visiting their websites, including for the sales support. The solution offers a number of additional tools that allow, among others, analysis of site traffic, customer behaviour or the quality of the consultants' work.

LiveChat Software offers its solution in a SaaS model (Software as a Service) and thus is a global company. It focuses on the United States market, the Polish market producing only a few per cent of sales. Its customers include both small on-line stores and big global brands such as Orange, Play, Adobe, Samsung, Tele2, Kaspersky Lab, Pizza Hut and Air Asia. The LiveChat solution is also used by universities or public institutions, such as the US Department of State.

As of August 1, 2015, LiveChat Software had already 11,515 customers. For comparison, last year, the number amounted to 8,208 companies using its solutions. It is worth noting that in each month of the financial year, the number of customers grew by more than 300.