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LiveChat Software generated over 14 million PLN of net profit in Q1 2018 FY

In the first three months of the 2018/19 financial year, LiveChat Software Group generated revenues of 25.5 million PLN. EBITDA was 18.4 million, while operating profit - 17.6 million PLN and net profit - 14.2 million PLN. Net cash flow from operational activities amounted to 14.5 million PLN.

In the period from April 1 to June 30, 2018, Group revenues increased by 18% as compared to the similar period of 2017/18, . At the same time, profitability at all levels also grew - EBITDA increased by 28.6 percent, and net profit by 28.5 percent.

"In the previous quarter, our work focused on ongoing activities related to the development of our products and the increase in the number of their users. On July 1, the LiveChat product was used by 826 customers more than at the end of the previous financial year, " says Mariusz Ciepły, CEO at LiveChat Software. "Through the past quarter, we've been working intensively on creating new customer acquisition channels. The effect of these activities is, among others, a pilot launch of a sales team that will allow us to develop these processes in our company, "he adds.

LiveChat Software has been working on building an ecosystem around its solutions for a long time. The changes in the direction of product development and progressive opening to clients, external developers and programming companies, helps the Company to transform existing products towards a larger communication platform. This means, that by being able to adapt to different, even the most unusual use cases, they become attractive to a larger number of users.

LiveChat Software consistently strengthens its position as an expert in the text communication industry. Until now, apart from the flagship LiveChat solution, the Company has also launched other products to improve management of text communication between companies and their current and potential clients. These include: BotEngine - an application for creating chatbots, KnowledgeBase - a tool for controlling company knowledge documentation and chat.io - a chat application that is characterized by continuity of conversation with the user and the possibility of integration with various communication channels. All of these solutions have their paid users and work in the business reality.