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LiveChat Software has patented the method of chat communication rating in the US

LiveChat Software S.A. was granted a patent from the USPTO - United States Patent and Trademark Office on the LiveChat functionality - enabling real-time chat communication rating.

The patented system and method allow the end-user to rate the chat by selecting the “thumb up” / “thumb down” button. In addition, they provide the opportunity to collect the obtained ratings in the so-called agent application and rating classification. Additionally, one can get the summary report in graphical form via e-mail. Thanks to this, LiveChat clients can evaluate the work of their agents, as well as find out whether their communication is effective. The formal name of the patent is “System and Method enabling real-time communication rating by predefined conditions connected with rating summary with Agent application display”.

It is the third US patent received by LiveChat Software. The USPTO found the patent innovative because the presented solution allows faster access to information in the field of chat rating and the presentation of this assessment in an aggregated form than other systems of this type. The functionality helps measure end users' satisfaction and the possible improvement of service offered to end-users, the more so as the system also allows them to add comments.

"All the patents we have obtained so far relate directly to the technologies that are the most important elements of the LiveChat system. We are building a stable patent portfolio securing the possessed know-how." - said Małgorzata Sikora, a specialist in the field of patent law from the LiveChat Software legal department.

The technical author of the invention is Krzysztof Górski, who has been with LiveChat for over 16 years. The authors of the solutions of the two previous patented solutions are other "veterans" of the Company: Marcin Dojwa and Konrad Kruk.

LiveChat Software is conducting proceedings regarding further US patents, including one, at a very advanced stage.