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LiveChat Software with a second US patent

The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has granted LiveChat Software patent protection for giving an agent the possibility to “sneak peek” message content while the customer is still drafting the message. It is the second patent registered in the US.

The patented technology significantly improves the speed and quality of customer service. Agents using LiveChat solutions now have more time to learn about their customers’ problems and can reply faster.

Thanks to the sneak peek function, it is possible for both the agent and the customer (end-user) to save a lot of time. The customer can, for example, be quickly redirected to the right address if they are asking their question in the wrong place. It is also quite common to find that the customer will explain the problem clearly and to the point, only to erase the message before sending it, and formulate the issue in a more official or formal way.

"The process of filing and receiving a patent is a long procedure (may even take several years and requires proving the value and novelty of the solution). Another positive decision of the USPTO only proves LiveChat Software’s position as the technology leader of the industry,” emphasized Małgorzata Sikora from LiveChat Software’s legal department, who specializes in patent law.

The patent has been granted in the United States, and the Company is entitled to legal protection for a period of 20 years. LiveChat Software was granted similar protection a year ago for a solution to display a custom message encouraging the end-user to start a conversation, based on the qualifiers stored in the database.

This new patent comes as a result of the work done aimed at the protection of innovative modern solutions created at LiveChat Software. The company is applying for further patents in the United States — the Company’s most important market. They may also apply for patent protection in other countries as well.


LiveChat Software offers software solutions to manage business communications, generate leads, and sell online. It allows companies to stay in touch with their customers anytime and anywhere, just like they want to. The product suite consists of LiveChat, ChatBot, HelpDesk, and KnowledgeBase.

The products serve more than 34,000 businesses from 150 countries. The company’s customer portfolio starts with small, private companies and goes up to Fortune 500 enterprises, including PayPal, IKEA, Allstate, CapitalOne.