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LiveChat with 30 thousand customers

The LiveChat solution is now used by over 30 thousand paying customers, including companies and institutions from 150 countries all over the globe. Also, over 100 public institutions have already joined the “LiveChat for nonprofits” programme, and they can now use the advanced version of LiveChat for free.

Thirty thousand clients is an important milestone for LiveChat, and it has been achieved thanks to the very hard work of the whole team. In order to remain one of the leaders of the global market, we have to keep changing, and that is precisely what we do. We keep adding new functions, integrations, communication channels, etc., almost all the time. We are also working on a new vision and mission for our company, and we plan to present it soon” – said the CEO Mariusz Ciepły.

LiveChat Software was founded in 2002, but it had not entered the global market until 2010, when it started offering its product in the SaaS (Software as a Service) model. It earned its first one thousand clients already during the following year. The Company now offers several products, and, at the beginning of 2020, it announced that its ChatBot solution exceeded the number of one thousand paying clients.

The offering of LiveChat Software currently includes the following products:

LiveChat – software used by companies to communicate with their customers at any time and in any place. ChatBot – versatile platform used to create chatbots for different communication channels. HelpDesk – intuitive ticket system designed to manage e-mail communication with the clients. KnowledgeBase – system used to create knowledge bases and easily deliver them to the company’s own team and to the customers. It uses AI solutions to find useful articles.

The LiveChat solution is used by all kinds of companies and institutions. The unifying factor is the need to need to communicate with their customers over the Internet – which does not have to mean a website but, for instance, a social media account or another communication channel. In April, LiveChat announced that its clients now had the option of integration with Apple Business Chat, which was prepared in collaboration with Apple Inc.

LiveChat Software LiveChat Software operates in the “customer service” business, and it is one of the leaders of the global market for live chat solutions. Its LiveChat product supports companies in customer service, online sales support and lead generation. This way, LiveChat partners can stay in touch with their customers anywhere and at any time. Other products of the Company include ChatBot, HelpDesk and KnowledgeBase. LiveChat Software employs over 170 specialists at its headquarters in Wrocław. For over six years, it has also been a company listed on the main market of the Warsaw Stock Exchange. LiveChat is used by over 30 thousand companies from approx. 150 countries, and the ChatBot product has found 1000 customers in over 30 countries.