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Loris Announces Integration to LiveChat

The newly built integration with the LiveChat platform will enable the chat app’s customers to experience real-time intelligence across their digital communication channels

New York, New York. Loris announced today that its pioneer technology is now available for users of LiveChat, a full-service customer support platform. With Loris's solutions, companies using LiveChat can increase agent performance, improve agent ramp times and drive better QA and policy adherence across customer service teams.

"We're happy to welcome Loris to LiveChat Marketplace. We join our strengths to provide businesses with sentimental analysis of chats that drive critical decisions across their teams. Based on our 20-year experience, following the data is the best way to choose appropriate strategies to increase customer satisfaction and retention," said Filip Jaskólski, Chief Product Officer at LiveChat. "Loris's idea to increase empathy in communication fits LiveChat's vision of communication without barriers."

With the integration, LiveChat’s customers will be able to mitigate costs that arise from negative conversations and increase policy adherence and efficiency from agents, while continuing to use the LiveChat platform. Additionally, the combination of the two technologies creates an end-to-end digital communications solution that replaces what traditionally has required expensive in-house data science teams, engineering efforts, and lots of time.

Existing LiveChat users can find Loris in the LiveChat marketplace.

LiveChat users will be able to get access to analysis onboth the reasons customers reach out to them and their initial sentiment with Loris. It will then guide agents in real time with suggestions to respond efficiently, accurately and empathetically to their customers. For CX leaders, and their QA, Ops, and Analyst leads, Loris will enable the ability to test and learn which responses or policies are most effective, aggregate those outcomes into insights, and a centralized CMS to roll out best practices to all frontline agents, all directly through the LiveChat integration.

“The partnership with LiveChat will strengthen our ability to expand our offering to customer service and experience teams who are focusing on leveraging the power of AI to transform how they serve their customers across digital channels,” said Etie Hertz, CEO of Loris. “Our mission to transform CX through the combination of human and machine is strengthened through the combined offering.”

“Implementing Loris has been a breeze”, shared a major US Telecom provider customer of LiveChat. “It was truly a no code Chrome extension for our agents to get onboarded. We’re really enjoying that Loris can detect the customer’s sentiment and intent, and prompt agents with the right thing to say at the right time, so that they respond with empathy. This is all aggregated for us into a dashboard for easily identifying additional insights.”

About Loris

Lorisis a real-time intelligence layer for digital customer service and support teams to ensure customer service agents say the right thing at the right time. Unlike bots and other AI solutions, Loris combines both human and machine learning to surface insights in 100% of conversations in real time and provides the ability to A|B test different policies, macros and scripts to determine how to drive the best outcomes across every customer interaction.

For our clients we have materially reduced churn and boosted LTV, all while improving the quality of conversations (CSAT) and lowering the costs of conversations and data analytics.

About LiveChat

LiveChatis a complete customer service solution that offers several ways for businesses to communicate with buyers. Our industry-leading portfolio of products includes LiveChat,ChatBot,HelpDesk, andKnowledgeBase– all designed to enable contact with companies at any time and through a variety of communication channels. A wide range of business customers uses the platform because of its customization capabilities and limitless integrations. LiveChat encourages tech firms and developers to build their own solutions on the platform’s back-end, allowing organizations to configure the application to fit their specific needs. It also integrates with all popular messaging channels and hundreds of other tools such as Shopify, Hubspot, and Google Analytics. Founded in 2002 with offices in Poland and the United States, LiveChat is actively used by over 37,000 companies worldwide and supports over 75 million chats monthly. Learn more atwww.livechat.com.