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OpenWidget by LiveChat Software will help e-commerce businesses during the upcoming peak season.

OpenWidget is the latest solution from LiveChat Software. This free and easy-to-install tool allows e-commerce businesses to improve their customer satisfaction and increase profits in the upcoming peak shopping season.

“The quality of business communication on the internet needs to improve and we believe we can be the ones to do it," said Konrad Kruk, who was responsible for OpenWidget."This tool helps e-commerce businesses make money by allowing end-users better access to the help and information that's most important to them while decreasing cart abandonment rates."

A clear advantage of the new solution is its intuitiveness. It only takes a few minutes to install and set up on the website. It is also compatible with popular e-commerce platforms, such as Shopify, BigCommerce, WordPress, and more.

OpenWidget offers:

  • Contact form - collects key information needed to help the client
  • Product cards - presents promoted products and bestsellers in an attractive design directly in the widget
  • FAQ template - allows customers to have the option for self-help with quick answers to their questions
  • Widget customization - configures the appearance of the widget to match the visual style of the store

“LiveChat Software’s mission is to help people and businesses communicate better, and OpenWidget moves it forward," said Filip Jaskólski, Chief Product Officer at LiveChat Software."We plan to adapt the tool for different use cases, and we aim for it to become a distribution platform for LiveChat and other our products."

More information is available at** www.openwidget.com.**