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Text Group's MRR increased by 4.1% and payments by 8.6% annually in the fourth quarter of the financial year

Text Group estimates that the value of the Group's Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR) from all products at the end of March 2024 amounted to USD 6.66 million.

This represents an increase of 4.1% year on year. The fourth quarter was record-breaking for the Company in terms of received payments. This value amounted to USD 21.74 million, which means an increase of 8.5% per year.

At the end of the quarter, the number of LiveChat customers was 37,848, ChatBot 2,954, and HelpDesk 1,163.

ARPU (average monthly revenue per customer) of the LiveChat product at the end of the quarter was USD 160.1 (an increase of USD 3.7 during the quarter), of the ChatBot product - USD 134.5 (an increase of USD 2.1), and of the HelpDesk product - USD 153.4 (an increase of as much as USD 13.4 over three months).