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Text Group's MRR is growing by 9.3% and payments by 12.2% year-on-year

Text Group estimates that the value of the Group's Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR) from all products at the end of June 2024 amounted to USD 7.07 million. The value of payments received for this period is estimated at USD 22.62 million.

These results translate into growth of 9.3% and 12.2%, respectively, over the year.

At the end of the quarter, the number of LiveChat customers was 37,523. During the quarter, the Company internally changed its definition of a customer. This adjustment resulted in a one-time reduction of the reported customers by approximately 200. Previously, a customer was defined as a company or institution that paid for access to the product. In addition to this criterion, a customer must have active access to the application. This excludes, for example, companies that discontinued the product before the expiration of the annual subscription period.

At the end of June, the number of ChatBot clients was 2.956, and the number of HelpDesk clients at the end of the quarter was 1.195.

At the end of June 2024, the LiveChat product's ARPU (average monthly revenue per customer) was USD 170.7 (an increase of 6.6% y/y). In June, the “One AI+” functionality package was introduced to the LiveChat product offering, which is available for new customers at an additional cost.

ChatBot ARPU increased 8.7% to USD 146.2, and HelpDesk ARPU increased 12.1% to  USD 172.0.

During the first quarter of the financial year, the Company started commercializing the Text Platform API (API as a Service) and recorded its first revenues.