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Text is accepting entries for the second edition of the Text Accelerated program until October 23

Until October 23, companies, start-ups, or product teams can sign up for the second edition of the Text Accelarated program. During an intensive 6-week workshop, Text (formerly LiveChat Software) will provide tools and support from its experts to build a product that can be commercialized in the Company's Marketplace.

The five teams that participated in the program's first edition prepared product “demos” during the workshop. This was the result of hard work by the participants, who were supported by Text practitioners and used tools provided by the company. In July, at the end of the program, the teams showcased their solutions at a special presentation attended by 200 people: team members, customers, and partners. The first of these products will soon go to the Text Marketplace, where they will be accessed by 40,000 customers of the company's products.

"It has been a very intense six weeks for all of us: the program participants and the mentors from Text. However, we are so pleased that we decided not to wait for the second edition. Again, our goal is to create final products that will support Text customers with creative solutions," said Karolina Popów, who is currently responsible for the Text Incubator project. 

In the current edition, Text invites teams that already have a product ready and are willing to prepare a version adapted to the Text platform or build an appropriate integration. The product should be in the area of Text Intelligence, or customer service automation. Another difference from the first program will be that Text will enable its participants to have direct contact and work with their customers. This is to allow them to learn more about their needs and adapt their solution to them.

Once a product or integration is available on the Text Marketplace, the company will prepare a dedicated outreach and marketing campaign for them. Building an entire ecosystem of solutions is part of Text's growth strategy. That is why the company provides, among other things, access to its API and is ready to support partners who are willing to build solutions based on or integrated with its products.

Text S.A.

Text (formerly LiveChat Software) operates in the “customer service” market and is one of the global market leaders in live chat solutions. Its LiveChat product supports companies with customer service, online sales support, and lead generation. LiveChat partners can stay in touch with their customers anytime, anywhere. The company's other products include ChatBot and HelpDesk, KnowledgeBase, and OpenWidget.

LiveChat is used by over 37 thousand companies in 150 countries, the ChatBot product has over 2 thousand customers in more than 30 countries. The Helpdesk product has over 1,000 customers.