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Adoption of a Managing Board resolution on the payment of an advance towards a planned dividend

In connection with CR 40/2017, the Managing Board of LIVECHAT SOFTWARE S.A. (the "Company", the "Issuer") would like to announce that on December 20, 2017, in connection with the approval of an advance towards a planned dividend by the Supervisory Board, it has adopted the following Resolution No. 1/12/2017:

RESOLUTION No. 1/12/2017
of the Managing Board of
Livechat Software SA
dated December 20, 2017
on the payment of an advance towards a planned dividend

The Managing Board of Livechat Software Spółka Akcyjna, a company with a registered office in Wrocław (the “Company”), pursuant to article 349 of the Corporate Code, § 15 art. 4 of the Company’s Articles of Association and Resolution No. 03/12/2017 of the Supervisory Board dated December 19, 2017, on the agreement to pay an advance towards a planned dividend, has resolved as follows:

The Managing Board decides to make an advance payment towards a planned dividend from the net profit for the fiscal year from April 1, 2017 to March 31, 2018, at the following terms:

  1. amount of advance payment towards the planned dividend: PLN 11.330.000 (eleven million, three hundred and thirty thousand Polish zloty), which represents no more than half of the Company’s net profit shown in the financial statement for September 30, 2017 and examined by an auditor,
  2. advance payment will apply to 25.750.000 shares of the Company
  3. amount of advance dividend payment per each share of the Company: PLN 0.44
  4. planned record date of the advance dividend payment: January 10, 2018
  5. planned date of advance dividend payment: January 17, 2018. §2
    This agreement comes into force on the date of being adopted.