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Election of Supervisory Board President and Vice-President and the Audit Committee

Published on 2018-10-29, 12:09

The Managing Board of LIVECHAT Software S.A. (the “Company”) announces that on October 26, 2018, at the first meeting of the Supervisory Board for the new term, Mr. Maciej Jarzębowski was elected as President of the Supervisory Board while Mr. Jakub Sitarz was elected as Vice President of the Supervisory Board. The following persons were appointed to serve on the Audit Committee, which acts as part of the Supervisory Board:

- Mr. Marcin Mańdziak - Chairman of the Audit Committee,
- Mr. Michał Markowski - Vice Chairman of the Audit Committee,
- Mr. Jakub Sitarz - Secretary of the Audit Committee.

Appointed members of the Audit Committee meet the criteria of an independent member, as well as other requirements set forth in article 128, provision 1 and article 129, provisions 1, 3, 5, 6 of the Law on Chartered Accountants, Auditing Firms and Public Supervision.