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Number of customers – data about the commercial activity

The Management Board of LIVECHAT SOFTWARE SA (“Company”, “Issuer”) hereby publishes information on the commercial activities of the Issuer.

According to data from sales systems as of 1 August 2019, the number of customers using the paid version of the LiveChat product amounted to 28,013. In month-on-month terms, the number of customers rose by 456 net (having regard to those leaving the portfolio). For comparison, at the beginning of the previous month (1 July 2019), Company’s customer base amounted to 27.557. One year earlier (1 August 2018), there were 25,097 customers.

Shortening of the LiveChat’s free trial period from 30 to 14 days had a positive impact on the achieved result.

The company notes that its offer is aimed at business customers via service www.livechatinc.com. The revenue generated by each customer varies depending on the subscription plan and the number of posts acquired by the customer.