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Preliminary estimated revenue for Q3 2019/20 FY

Management Board of LiveChat Software SA informs that the estimated consolidated sales revenues of the LiveChat Software Capital Group in October - December 2019 (Q3 of financial year 2019/20) amounted to USD 8,408,357 and were 14.1% higher than those achieved in Q3 2018/19 of the fiscal year.

In the same period of the previous year (October - December 2018), consolidated revenues amounted to USD 7,369,987.

In the period July - September 2019 (second quarter of the financial year 2019/20), consolidated revenues amounted to USD 8,197,370.

The Company indicates that its offer is addressed to business clients via websites, including www.livechatinc.com, www.chatbot.com, www.helpdesk.com, www.knowledgebase.ai.

The Management Board emphasizes that the presented data are estimates and preliminary. Therefore, they may ultimately differ from those shown in the periodic report. Because the Company generates the vast majority of revenues in the US dollar (USD), the USD / PLN exchange rate has a significant impact on the results presented in the periodic reports.