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Proposal of an advance towards a planned dividend

The Managing Board of LIVECHAT SOFTWARE S.A. (the “Company”, the “Issuer”) would like to announce that on 27 June 2019 asked the Supervisory Board for permission for a second advance towards a planned dividend for the financial year 2018/19 taking into account the following parameters for determining and paying down dividend:

  1. amount of advance payment towards the planned dividend: PLN 13.905.000 (thirteen million, nine hundred and five thousand Polish zloty), which amount, including the amount of the advanced payment towards the dividend planned paid by the Company in January 2019, represents no more than half of the Company’s net profit shown in the financial statement for 31 March 2019 and examined by an auditor,

  2. advance payment will apply to 25.750.000 shares of the Company

  3. amount of advance dividend payment per each share of the Company: PLN 0.54

  4. planned record date of the advance dividend payment: 26 July 2019

  5. planned date of advance dividend payment: 2 August 2018.